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Home Blog The Ultimate Guide about Pneumatic Vacuum Pump – What they are and how are they helpful?

The Ultimate Guide about Pneumatic Vacuum Pump – What they are and how are they helpful?

A pneumatic vacuum pump is a type of air compressor that uses compressed air to create a partial vacuum inside a chamber. A vacuum is created by removing some of the air from inside the chamber. When the pressure inside the chamber drops below atmospheric pressure, the remaining air rushes out of the chamber at high speed.

How does a Pneumatic Vacuum work?

The basic principle behind a pneumatic vacuum pump is Venturi. Air enters around the chamber and make negative pressure in the chamber through three small openings.

In every opening the compressed loses some of its kinetic energy and producer a higher level of vacuum.

At the last opening  the compressed air is no longer under pressure it goes out by the exhaust line.

What are the advantages of using a Pneumatic Vacuum over Electrical vacuum pump?

Using a pneumatic pump instead of a mechanical vacuum pump offers several advantages. First, a pneumatic pump requires less power than a standard electrical vacuum pump. Second, a pneumatic vacuum is quieter because it doesn’t have any moving parts. Third, a pneumatic vacuum can run continuously without needing to be turned off between uses.


Becker vacuum Pump








Fourth, a pneumatic vacuum runs cooler due to its lack of internal moving parts. Fifth, a pneumatic vacuum has fewer components than a standard air compressor and therefore is easier to maintain.

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