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Oil Free Rotary Vane Air blower

Oil Free Rotary Vane Air blower

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    Available models:

    DT4.2, DT4.4, DT4.8, DT4.10, DT4.16, DT4.21, DT4.25, DT4.40

    DX4.10, DX4.16, DX4.25, DX4.40 heavy duty Rotary Vane blower.

    KDT3.60, KDT3.80, KDT3.100, KDT3.140

    KDX3.60, KDX3.80, KDX3.100, KDX3.140 heavy duty Rotary Vane blower

    DTLF2.200, DTLF2.250, DTLF2.360, DTLF2.400, DTLF2.500

    DXLF2.200, DXLF2.250, DXLF2.400, DXLF2.500


    Air flow: Started from 2.3 m3/h to 600 M3/h

    Max pressure:  1.8 bar

    Becker’s oil-free rotary vane pressure pumps are an excellent choice for medium pressure applications.

    Dry-running rotary vane compressors are similar to other vane pumps. However, these pumps feature unique benefits you will not find with standard compressors. Their straightforward construction with single shaft direct drive makes for a robust, long-life rotary vane pump with low operation and maintenance costs.

    Oil-free rotary vane pressure pumps are positive-displacement pumps that feature sliding vanes in a rotor rotating within a cavity. Rotary vane pumps never experience internal metal-to-metal contact, so they are able to self-compensate for wear. As a result, they have lower maintenance requirements and maintain peak performance longer than other types of compressors.