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Industrial E store 


Since Industrial e-store takes huge growth potential in last years , Masader multi decides to improve its services . As a result ,we decide to built an e store in order to reach all the customers and factories in all Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. With our hige experience and Customer base we facilite purchasing and sell operations online .Now, Makayin is the first the industrial B2B marketplace as a division for eCommerce for Masader multi in ksa. Indeed Makayin is the first industrial e-store platform that it is easy to use. In fact , you can login in two different ways:
vendor acoount: You can present all your products and receive quotation request and make deals .
customer account : You can buy all your industrial requirement .
The platform is supporting the following categories:
• New machines.
• Used machines.
• Spare parts.
• Raw material.
• Manufactured material.

Industrial e-store in Saudi Arabia:


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Advantages of Makayin industrial e-store :

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