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Oil Free Vacuum Pump

Oil Free Vacuum Pump

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    Available models:

    VT4.2, VT4.4, VT4.8, VT4.10, VT4.16, VT4.21, VT4.25, Vt4.40

    VX4.10, VX4.16, VX4.25, VX4.40 heavy duty vacuum pumps.

    KVT3.60, KVT3.80, KVT3.100, KVT3.140

    KVX3.60, KVX3.80, KVX3.100, KVX3.140 heavy duty vacuum pump

    VTLF2.200, VTLF2.250, VTLF2.360, VTLF2.400, VTLF2.500

    Vacuum flow: Started from 2.3 m3/h to 570 M3/h

    Max vacuum pressure:  – 800 mbar

    Oil free rotary vane vacuum pump are robustly constructed rotary vane pumps suitable for higher pressure differences in vacuum and/or pressure applications. An eccentrically mounted rotor with slots rotates in a cylindrical housing and the precisely fitting sliding vanes move in the slots and separate the individual working chambers, working without oil makes the pump pressure level is less than the oil lubricated vacuum pump, this kind of pumps is used to keep the manufacturing environment clean from oil contamination especially in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.