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    Available models:

    Refrigerant Dryers

    PS.C Compact range

    Capacity from 600 to 24,000 l/min.
    Dew Point + 3° C
    Max. Pressure 16 bar
    DMC35 controller

    PS range – Industrial Dryers

    Capacity from 35.000 to 150.000 l/min.
    Dew Point + 3° C
    Max. Pressure 16 bar
    DMC24 controller

    Desiccant dryers

    DD range – Desiccant dryers

    Capacity from 83 to 179,280 l/min.
    Dew Point -40°C
    Max. pressure 16 bar


    Refrigerant Dryers

    The refrigerated air dryer dryers ensure the production of quality, clean and dry air, essential to preserve the systems and the quality of the finished product. They achieve excellent performance even in instances of unfavorable environmental conditions, and high inlet temperatures.

    The highly efficient and ultra-compact heat exchanger is able to operate effectively in ambient temperatures up to 45 °C, ensuring a reduced compressed air pressure drop.

    The electronic controller indicates the dryer operating condition (Dew Point), controls the condensate drain valve via a cyclic timer and the condenser fan via a temperature prob.

    The aluminium module has a vertical flow layout ensuring the wet compressed air flows down to the automatic drain.

    All materials are in compliance with our environmental policy: only environmentally friendly refrigerants are used. Components conform with 2002/95/CE “RoHS” (restriction of hazardous substances) and 2002/96/CE ”WEEE” (waste electrical and electronic equipment) European Directives.

    Models from PS 4 to PS 32 are equipped with ecologic refrigerating fluid R134a, all others use R407c.





    Desiccant dryers

    Absolutely without condensation

    A wide range from 83 to 179,280 lt/min. with the dew point of -40°C to -70°C, are ideal for those

    production processes where compressed air must be absolutely without condensation (painting, plastic

    mould, medical, chemical, food sectors, etc.).

    The high quality of the activated alumina achieve consistent dew point.

    The DD desiccant dryers are less than the half the weight and size of a traditional twin tower design.

    They can be mounted to the wall by the help of the mounting brackets to win more space and also can be applied to the  ground very easily.

    The mini PLC is user-friendly; its main function consists in showing different drying process phases. It is equipped with two remote controls: ON/OFF and “maintenance alarm” display, which goes on after 10,000 operating hours (see operating instructions to enable the function).

    Automatic dew point control is available on demand.