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Oil lubricated air compressors

Oil lubricated air compressors

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    Available models:

    Darwin – Belt driven screw air compressor

    Darwin 2.2 to Darwin 75 Kw – pressure -8 ,10, 13 bar.

    Available with integrated air receiver and air dryer till 15 kw

    Available with integrated air dryer for all models

    Available with variable speed motor from 22 kw to 75 kw.



    Nobel – Direct driven screw air compressor

    Nobel 18.5 to Nobel 90 Kw pressure -8 ,10, 13 bar.

    Available with integrated dryer for all models.

    Available with variable speed motor for all models.


    DARWIN 2.2-75

    Power System screw compressors in the Darwin range with belt transmission

    provide a high-performance solution for the most demanding applications.

    The Darwin range was designed to fulfill compressed air requirements

    in terms of reliability and efficiency, excellent energy consumption, quiet operation,

    reduced maintenance costs and easy installation and operation.

    The Darwin range offers a broad selection of models, from 2.2 to 75 kW

    with operating pressures between 7.5 and 15 bar. Each compressor is built

    according to the highest standards, using high quality components

    to guarantee a long operating life and complete reliability.

    The transmission with high strength Poly-V belt ensures

    long service life and extended maintenance intervals.

    The entire production cycle

    takes place in-house and

    the air-ends are fully

    designed and manufactured

    in Italy.


    NOBEL 18.5 – 90

    With the introduction of the latest PM models to the Nobel series,

    Power System is once more redefining the standards in respect

    to efficiency, reliability and energy savings.

    The continuous investment in Research & Development has allowed the further

    improvement to the acclaimed NOBEL series, already a leading-edge product in the

    industrial market, by introducing Permanent Magnet Motors (with IE4 Efficiency class –

    Super Premium Efficiency). This is combined with our direct transmission system

    and optimised controls in the form of the new and highly advanced Login

    electronic controller. These new and innovative technologies, combined with

    the employment of our latest generation air-ends, has allowed us to build

    the most advanced, quiet, reliable and efficient compressor available.