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Compressed air filters

Compressed air filters

  • Features
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    All filters are provided with:


      Integrated differential pressure gauge   

     These filters are equipped with differential pressure gauges for easy maintenance and energy efficiency.

     Body protected from oxidation with anodising treatment

         Zero-porosity aluminium and durable epoxy powder-coat finish, along with a corrosion

         resistant internal coating gives long service life.


    Auto-drain built-in

         A protected auto float drain (2 mm orifice) is standard for reliable removal of liquid contaminants.

     Filter elements of large diameter for a better separation.

    Available models:

    Prefilter, Oil separator filter, Fine oil separator filter, Active carbon filter.

    Compressed Air Filters:

    The proper choice of the filters avoids problems to the systems caused by the presence of oil or impurities in the air.

    Our filters ensure clean compressed air, free of oil and impurities, for the many different applications, also the most demanding ones.

    The air filters have 4 ranges of efficiencies, removing down to 0.01 micron at up to 235 psi (16 barg) – 1/4” to 3” NPT/G pipe sizes.