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Side Channel Vacuum Pumps

Side Channel Vacuum Pumps

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    Available models:

    Single stage side Channel

    SV1.50/3, SV5.90/1, SV130/1, VARIAIR SV130/1, SV200/1, SV201/1, SV300/1, VARIAIR SV300/1

    SV400/1, VARIAIR SV400/1, SV500/1, VARIAIR SV500/1, SV700/1, VARIAIR SV700/1, SV701/1, SV1100/1

    VASF2.50/1, VASF2.80/1, VASF2.120/1.

    Double stage side Channel

    SV5.90/2, SV130/2, VARIAIR SV130/2, SV200/2, SV201/2, SV300/2, VARIAIR SV300/2

    SV400/2, VARIAIR SV400/2, SV500/2, VARIAIR SV500/2, SV700/2, VARIAIR SV700/2, SV701/2, SV1100/2

    VASF2.50/2, VASF2.80/2, VASF2.120/2.

    Flow: Started from 48 m3/h to 1250 M3/h

    Max vacuum pressure:  – 400 mbar

    Max compressed air pressure: +530 mbar



    Side channel blowers are used to generate suction or blast air in heavy duty industrial applications. These turbo dynamic blowers are wear and maintenance free.

    The side channel blowers contain a contactless, fast rotating impeller inside a blower housing. On both sides of the impeller there are two ring-shaped separate side channels along with the housing. The rotating impeller pulls air in through the inlet side, accelerates the air or gas inside the housing, and then discharges it through the outlet side once it is fully pressurised.
    With single-stage blowers, the air rotates once inside the housing via both impeller sides before being suctioned off. This two-stage operation results in a higher volume flow.

    By means of an internal deflection of the air from the first to the second impeller side, in the case of two-stage blowers the air rotates twice inside the housing before it is suctioned off. This single-flow operation results in a higher vacuum or pressure.