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What Are the Best Materials For Compressed Air Piping?

In the world of manufacturing, many industries such as construction, metalworking woodworking.. use equipment that requires a compressed air system. The compressed air piping must be chosen very carefully. it needs strong durable and safe materials. There are some of the more common materials used for compressed air piping.


It is very easy to found at any hardware store and are inexpensive. Tailoring iron piping can be challenging and often needs a plumber. Iron piping is tendency to corrosion due to the condensation that is  inescapable with compressed air systems . Corrosion leads to rusty debris, blockages, and possibly leaks that affect the pressure of the compressed air. In turn,it reduces the power given by your machine.


Copper piping is an excellent choice. Any condensation in the system will not corrode copper pipes, so the risk of debris  is very low. It also resists heat well and it can be expensive because installing it requires time and skill.


material of choice is aluminum. it is Lightweight but durable and resistant to corrosion. Also it is easy to install and modify than most alternatives with few tools to set up. It does not require soldering or threading, it gives much cleaner air with lower repair costs . it can be more expensive upfront ,but it pays for itself in the long run.

Stainless Steel

A great choice for compressed air system because it is strong and resists corrosion. It produces a cleaner of air. the installation time and cost can be laborious since the joints require welding and threading ( strut cushion clamps can simplify the installation process depending on the specific demands )

Be aware ! Avoid Using PVC !

PVC piping is not recommended for use as air piping. even it  is cheap, easy to adapt, and easy to install, it is not durable. because it is plastic Heat from the compressed air degrades PVC. it leads to cracks . PVC can also break, harming not only the compressed air system but nearby employees.

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