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Vacuum automation By Piab

Evolving automation since 1951. Piab is evolving automation through progressive gripping, lifting and moving solutions.Piab isspecialized in automated process components and solutions to enable gripping, lifting and moving applications for our customers in all industries with special attention to Packaging, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Logistics and Warehousing, Plastics and Automotive.

Products :

Suction cups/grippers

piGRIP®–The first modular suction cup on the market

Versatilityand productivity A modularsuction cup that fits most machines andthatcanbeoptimized for handlinga lmost all materials. piGRIP®’s six different lip types,optimized for various products to lift,ensure the right hardness/ softness and sealing capability for your material. Combined with the firm bellows, piGRIP® is stable enough to handle faster accelerations and more high speed lifts as compared to traditional cups.

Your choices are endless, piGRIP® is available as a flat, one, three or as a six bellow cup. The availability of more than 40 different fittings, six different types of lips, and also alow micronfilter disc for  the bellow and a mesh filter for the fitting makes the variations of this modular suction cup endless.You can configure more than thousands and thousands of different types of cups to meet your exactneed.


Standard Lip

The green standard lip is suitable for relatively even surfaces on sealed materials. It has extra wear resistance.
The blue standard lip is recommended if the surface is more uneven or rough, e.g. textured plastic parts.

Flexible Lip

For surface leaking materials (wrinkled or textured) and porous materials, such as corrugated paper.

Bag Lip

For difficult bags such as pouches and heavy bags with e.g. liquids.

HotSurface Lip

Used in handling hot parts or where silicone or PWIS is not allowed Mark free.

Foam Lip

Suitable when convention al lips are not sealing enough. Can replace mechanical grippers.

piGRIP®Modular suction cup
Grip Hold Accelerate … like never before.


DURAFLEX® Singledurometer
High wear resistance without compromising adherence to the object. 


DURAFLEX® Dualdurometer
Firm bellow, soft and flexible lip, very high sealing capacity and durability.


DURAFLEX® Friction
Exceptional grip on oily surfaces.


For extremely high temperature applications and or when handling food products.


Nitrile-PVC and CR

NITRILE-PVC—Oil resistant, a traditionally designed cup.

CR—Especially good for low temperature environments, a traditionally designed cup.


Used in handling hot parts or where silicone or PWIS is not allowed. Markfree. 


Vacuum pumps/generators

Compact design 
piCOMPACT® MICRO, P3010, P5010
Powerful vacuum pumps with integrated functionality.


A large capacity pump
(comparable upto 4kW 
[5HP] electro mechanical pumps) that can still reduce energy costs by up to 40%.


Classic design
Chip pump


Inline design
40-50% energy reduction compared to other in-line vacuum ejector sin corresponding size.


Inline design
Round pump
Large capacity vacuum pump suitable for cramped areas or for environments with tough chemical conditions.