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Start with B2B e-commerce: Open an online store with makayin

Over the past 15 years, B2B e-commerce has proven to be one of the major game-changing factors in the buying and selling sector. The online store has become a necessity for every seller or buyer, to display products and receive orders from buyers digitally, which helped reduce overhead costs and break borders, and it passed everyone’s expectations.

Manufacturers those days are using online shopping to sell their products to their targeted clients. It is called industrial e-commerce which carries many positive advantages. Most of the high-quality manufacturers are spending lots of resources to set up an online store. The good thing is that there are certain industrial e-commerce platforms they can use it to get started with an online store. Makayin is the e-commerce division of Masader Multi.co.Ltd. It is the first industrial online store for industrial needs in Saudi Arabia and the middle east.

Benefits that Manufacturers can reap from makayin

there are several benefits that manufacturers can gain from makayin. For starters, manufacturers can record increased sales as soon as they build their brand and gain the trust of costumers. If they use the right online shopping platform, they can also build long-lasting relationships, integrate with diverse business solutions, and digitize their marketing efforts as explained below.

Access New Markets

It is the joy of every online seller to get access to new markets. One thing that manufacturers need to know is that they can only scale to new heights if they venture into industrial e-commerce. Through the use of makayin, they can increase their reach and build their reputation for more sales.

Customer-Centric Focus

makayin offers online vendors an opportunity to focus on serving their targeted customers constantly. also with makayin the buyer can freely make an online account and check all brands catalogs of products and make a purchase at a time of their choosing. In turn, online vendors get to provide reliable customer services and build good relationships with customers.

New strategy and branding

With our online store makayin, manufacturers also get the chance to improve their portfolio.

Makayin, an industrial e-commerce platform can help them to integrate their customer relationship management, build their brand, and grow their audience. Their business activities become simpler when these initiatives are in place. However, they should note that the success of their online stores lies in their efforts to combine the industrial e-commerce platform and their business. They need to choose a platform that appropriately matches their business model.

Makayin offers the best solutions for starting an online  e-store, whether you are a large scale manufacturer just moving into the online space or a new startup with the sky is the limit ambitions.

Get in touch if you’d like to schedule a  call to find out what we can do for you.

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