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Pneumatic vs hydraulic : Costs and Benefits

A large group of people thinks pneumatic and hydraulic terms denote the same techniques. .In fact, each term has its own characteristics. The hydraulic components are based on liquids. As for pneumatic hardware, it uses some inert gases or compressed air to power the devices. The pros and cons of each term are numerous and varied:

Hydraulic System :

Advantages: The hydraulic system is a power transmission device. Simple arms and push buttons help simplify control making it one of the most accurate systems. The hydraulic system adapts easily to huge weight systems without rollers or arms thanks to the smoothness of its system and provides constant strength.

Hydraulic systems employ the fewest moving parts compared to electrical and mechanical devices, making them safe, economical, and simple to maintain.

Hydraulic systems are safe to use in factories and chemical mines as they do not cause sparks.

Disadvantages: In the hydraulic system it is difficult to get rid of leaks and cause a fire if this accident occurs in hot areas.

Hydraulic fluids must be handled with care to avoid serious injuries or health problems if the hydraulic lines explode.

Hydraulic fluids are corrosive but some species are less than others. To keep hydraulic fluids at their best condition, they must be tested regularly to make sure there are no leaks and change filters and lubrication when necessary.

pneumatic system :

Advantages :

Smoother temperature

Air uses ductility at the required temperatures, through equipment designed for various harsh conditions, the air is lost and able to work.


It carries air more safely than other electrical systems because it is non-flammable and only a fire explosion.


It cleans the air around us automatically without harmful chemicals, it can be reduced or cleaned with some processes sometimes, so it is advisable to select devices that operate with compressed air.

Ease of use:

There are two ways to use air either through pneumatic equipment to produce certain movements. Or directly to clean surfaces such as machinery and metals

The source is available without limits:

In the air system the air is the most important component. The air is available in the world around us in fantastic quantities, unlimited in all places and times.


Air production equipment needs to be assigned:

The compressed air must be ideally prepared to meet specific requirements and standards such as dry and cleanliness. The lubricants required for pneumatic systems must be available. Pneumatic systems assume the installation of expensive equipment, such as an air filter, dryer, lubricant tube, regulators, and compressors.

Potential noise:

The air used is very loud and noisy when it is expelled from the system, causing special noise at the exhaust site. To avoid this a muffler should be created on each discharge line


The compressed air takes up the empty space as it maintains the pressure in hard work. To avoid this, a seal must be put in place to cancel the air leak. The seal infiltration causes energy loss. Compressed air leaks in the system can be reduced to the lowest level when pneumatic equipment is provided with air tight enclosures .

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