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Industrial Online Store: Be Makayin Partner

As every industrial company in 2020 continue expanding the industrial market by creating their own industrial online store, Masader multi  is officially launching its new online market makayin.com

Makayin is one of the most important real and reliable industrial market on saudi arabia and middle  east

Time to get to know this concept!

What is an industrial online store?

The industrial market is an online platform that facilitates and simplifies the process of commercial interaction in the industrial market. The platform usually deals with transaction style, such as processing payments. Some basic devices offer advanced capabilities, such as automatic relationships between bids and quotations.

How does the industrial market contribute to innovation?

Sometimes, industrial markets are a field of creative ideas and deduced projects, as they do not have an ideal hierarchical structure as found in common supply chains. This traditional hierarchy is completely eliminated in the industrial market, creating surprising cooperation that contributes to value creation and innovation.

What are the benefits of the industrial market?

The benefits of the industrial online store are clear. From the consumer’s point of view, there are multiple choices, and it has become easy to compare offers and access via any device everywhere, with the ability to add opportunities for accurate interaction and fast transactions.

These benefits apply to industrial plants in one form or another, as do the following unique advantages:

High quality and reliability

There is no possibility for a supplier to promote bad business, and failure to respect payment agreements, the industrial market reduces the risks of trade and cooperation to a large extent.

In order to obtain the best, the platforms perform quality checks on the interested parties before providing access to the network.

The possibilities of cooperation and interaction

These markets provide all kinds of opportunities for cooperation and for establishing different relationships and ways to interact.

You should consider meetings where you can talk about joint innovation projects. Actors on this platform seek interesting collaboration to accelerate the joint creation process.

Breaking through geographical and hierarchical boundaries

You can deal with industrial customers and suppliers that you will never meet, simply because they are from another region or continent. The online market penetrates into existing traditional networks and geographical boundaries

Streamline acquisitions

The Internet market simplifies the acquisition. Based on machine learning, advanced search engines can automatically search for the best deal for both supplier and customer on the McCain network

In this way, makayin.com facilitates all industry related operations

Improve visibility for potential customers and partners

Participation in the industrial market is a relatively easy way to put yourself in the spotlight and improve visibility for potential customers and partners by dealing with new products and corresponding services on a daily basis.

Driving on data

Industrial markets are resources saturated with data related to the market, for example, among the most important data is industrial services with the highest increase in demand within a specific sector or the first ten of the required raw materials.

Test new markets

The introduction of new lines of products or services is a particularly attractive opportunity for companies selling to other companies to improve demand in geographical markets

Join the Makayin.com industrial B2B platform and transform marketing and sales to a new level

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