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How to create an Account at Makayin ?

Makayin.com is the first industrial e commerce platform you can login and create your personal account in two different ways, as a vendor you can present all your products and receive quotation request and make deals, And as a customer in which you can buy your entire industrial requirement.
The platform is supporting the following categories: New machines, used machines, Spare parts, Raw material and manufactured material.

Why you should create an account at Makayin.com?

Makayin.com is one of the biggest e-commerce web sites in the Middle East; it offers a wide range of industrial products of two of the most famous brands such as SCHWING, PUTZMEISTER,BECKER,and FSN.

Makayin: create an account step by step

1- Go to Makayin

Open your favorite browser and then enter the address: www.Makayin.com

Once in the web site, click to My Account then Register 


2- Fill up your personal information

The next page is the registration form, you must enter: your name, your email, the password, mobile number and your job description.


3- Register

Once you have completed the registration ,just click to register ,it is so easy you become now a registered member at Makayin you can Log in at any time to check order status, receive special offers and discounts from vendors, and receive updates for new products.


Frequently asked questions

1- Is there is any inscription fees?

No, the registration is totally free you can sell or buy products without any inscription fees.

2- Do I have to use a specific email address to register at Makayin?

To create an account you can use any valid e-mail address: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail…

3- What payment methods are accepted by Makayin.com?

The main method of payment is PayPal but you can also make a purchase with your Master Card.

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