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FRL (Filter Regulator Lubricator): Life Tips

the filter regulator lubricator FRL is the cleaner of compressed air. It filtrates the air and capture solid particles (dust, dirt..) and separates liquids (water, oil) entrained in the compressed air , it is also  preventing damage to equipment and reducing production losses due to contaminant related downtime.

3 functions in one system :

Filtration  cleans compressed air and traps solid particles

Regulation  ensures the consistency of the dynamic working pressure at 90 psi/6.3 bar.

Lubrication  adds controlled quantities of oil into a compressed air system.

4 things to consider to select the appropriate FRL unit

when specifying an FRL there are 4 key considerations:

  1. Environment 

  2. Type of FRL 

  3. Thread size

  4. Tool’s air flow requirements

Important: Make sure you always check manufacturer recommendations.

4 rules to maximize the benefits of using FRLs  

-one FRL unit per tool to have the best performance.

-set up the FRL units as close as possible to air system

-the lubricator is topped up with oil before using air compressor because lubrication maximizes the life of your system .

-Make sure you maintain the inlet filters regularly: no moisture and dirt.

Safety Tips

FSL are designed and specified to work at 90 PSI (6.3 bar) dynamic air pressure and with lubrication

A higher pressure could affect the tools lifespan, and operator safety (excessive vibration, or abrasive over-speed and burst risk). 

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