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Compressed Air System : 10 summer tips to consider

Maintenance of all equipment in the compressed air system is very important routine especially according to the manufacturers’ specifications. In summer , High temperatures can put a lot of stress on compressed air system, and there will be many maintenance problems revealed.  Here are 10 tips for avoiding costly downtime during the summer

1. Change the fluid

hot weather and humidity can reduce the life of your compressed air system. Compressor fluid/oil serves several critical functions:  it lubricates bearings, absorbs and removes the heat of compression, removes particulate contaminants… You must change the oil/fluid on schedule to maintain suitable viscosity for better lubrication and removes all contaminants.

2. Check the fluid system

Make sure that there are no restrictions on the compressor’s fluid circulation.

3. Change the inlet filter

Changing the inlet filter on a schedule will keep compression efficiency up and maintain proper operating temperature. Changing the air filter will also keep your oil cleaner longer, providing better protection to the compressed air system.

4. Check belts and couplings

Belts should be checked weekly. it can reduce efficiency if you have a long time you didn’t change, don’t forget to buy a spare to be on hand to avoid unexpected downtime.

5. Ventilate the compressor room

Poor ventilation can decrease compressor efficiency. Make sure that you are giving enough cool air to your machinery.

6. Clean the coolers

Keeping the coolers clean is one of the most important things that you can do during the summer months.

7. Check the electrical cabinet

keep electrical components clean from Dirt and dust because it forms an insulating layer and makes heat on it. the cabinet fan must be  working properly if it is necessary to try to clean or replace the filter on the electrical cabinet and Take appropriate precautions when cleaning the electrical cabinet!

8. Compressed air treatment equipment

Keep the aftercooler clean is the first step. An air treatment equipment is rated at 100 PSIG inlet, 100°F inlet temperatures, and 100°F ambient temperatures. in hot summer an increase in any of these conditions provoke a decrease in the capacity of the equipment.

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9. Maintain the dryer

Refrigerated dryers work best when we offer a continuous supply of clean and cool air. Your dryer must be well ventilated and getting the coolest air possible. Clean the condenser if there are dirt the dryer overheats. indeed check the refrigerant level.

10. Check all drains on tanks, dryer, and filters

Make sure that your drains are functioning properly .dryers and filters are working hard to remove the extra water that accumulates during the hot summer months inspect and clean it.

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