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Air Compressors :5 tips to increase efficiency

Improving the efficiency of air compressors is a goal we all hope to realize, specially when your system is influenced by different factors due to seasonal changes. As part of the process called weathering, air compressors maintenance experts recommend that different areas of the entire compressed air system be inspected every six months.


1/Clean the air Compressors

If you need an efficient compressor, you need a clean filtration system. In a given cycle, air and oil should be fully filtered out. This can produce a constant volume of cold air and ensure the seamless operation of the machine. If the filter is very dirty, the pressure may drop. This will make the air compressors consume more energy and make it more strenuous to perform basic functions. Ultimately, this will lead to premature wear of the compressor. If dust persists for several seasons, air quality may decline.

2 /inspect for leaks

After cleaning the air compressors, make sure that there is no air leakage. 20-30% of energy from compressed air systems is wasted due to air leakage that’s why, process efficiency decreases and tool performance is impaired. This leads to higher operating and maintenance costs. Air leakage problems can be easily identified and have solutions. Regular checks can help prevent these problems.

3/avoid over pressurization

According to industry standards operating costs are reduced by 1% if you reduce system pressure by 2 PSI so use the lowest operating pressure that suits your requirements. Also on your compressed air system it is recommended to install pressure regulators. This will save 15% of the energy generated and reduce machine wear

4/Reduce pressure drops

The pressure often decreases, when the compressed air moves from the air compressors discharge to the actual point of use. Therefore, operators increase generator pressure or raise regulators so this may increase energy consumption and there are also two main reasons for this – Inefficient filtering process and complex piping system. To counter this, the filters should be changed regularly and the tubes should be simplified. Thus the pressure drops reduced and energy will be preserved

5/conserve heat energy

If more than 50% of the compressed air system is effectively used, low cost and energy saving can be ensured. Heat preservation is one way to make efficient use of air compressors energy. Also during the air pressure process, the heat released in the warehouses can be reused to produce steam for industrial processes or to heat water

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