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Air compressors: The backbone of the industry

Over the years various types of air compressors have been invented and paved the way for many different industries.
Therefore, air system tools are becoming increasingly popular in the industry. Almost every electrical device is made using air compressors.
The three most common air compressors are :
the oil-free compressor.
The piston compressor.
Oil-free reciprocating compressor.

The oil-free air compressors :

Air quality is critical to the production and product process because oil-free compressor is used in all areas.
compressed air is as good as its purity. When the process is exposed to oil. It becomes difficult to keep the air clean which increases costs. Especially when more and more air is used.
To solve this problem, companies turn to oil-free or less oil-free compressors.
First, an oil-free compressor increases the productivity of a special installation. While improving optimized compressed air solutions designed to suit customers’ needs.
Second, the Class 0 certified oil-free compressor ensures pollution-free air and ensures project viability for the project.
Finally, the toughness and reliability of harsh environments are thanks to reliable and global suppliers and the use of high-quality materials.

The piston air compressor :

is the oldest and most common type of industrial compressors.
The displacement principle is used to increase the pressure of a closed volume of gas or air.
Piston compressor is used by factories and small workshops that require low air demand or when there is no continuous need for air. Once the pressure drops below the set point, the piston compressor start automatically and then stops when the maximum point pressure is reached. The piston compressor has many benefits and its maintenance cost is low.

Oil-free reciprocating compressor :

Reciprocating air compressors are positive displacement machines. They increase air pressure by reducing its volume. This means that they take consecutive amounts of air trapped inside a closed space and raise this air to a higher pressure. The reciprocating air compressors does this with a piston inside the cylinder as a pressure and displacement component.
Oil-free compressor ensure completely clean air.

Don’t forget, the important thing in all of this is this question. Why should air quality be taken into account? Because compressed air can contain unwanted substances. These materials can harm production results and even increase costs. So it is important to find a system that will be more profitable and efficient in this specific case. Therefore, a systematic method is required to select the appropriate equipment to ensure a fast and inexpensive workflow. With our professional team and international brands of air compressors, you can win peace of mind.

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