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4 Tips for Air Compressor Maintenance

Maintenance of industrial air compressor in factories and pressure stations is one of the critical areas for system management.

It is necessary, after having many compressed air machines, tools and functions available, to ensure that each  compressor within an industrial environment is able to achieve its work when necessary. Industrial air compressor failure can lead to costly obstructions and downtime.

Air compressors maintenance includes a set of important tips that must be implemented in varying degrees on air compressor of all models and brands.

You should always check and maintain key components of the machine whether you are running one or more compressors.

so it’s vital for you to keep an eye on those 4 maintenance tips :

1- Minimizing vibrations

Vibration is one of the most important problems that fail the air compressors because it is not properly secured. Continuous vibration will eventually break down the compressor parts and components, causing misalignment of parts and more other  serious mechanical problems.

2- Temperature changes

Sudden rise in temperature while the air compressor is running is a sign that it is function very poorly. If the user is unable to lower the temperature, it should be turned off immediately, because the reason for the failure of the device is definitely due to the continuing operation of the air compressor during high temperatures.

3- Piston compressor oil regeneration

The oil contains a certain amount of impurities and additives grains

Also while the air compressor is running, oil burns is produced, which causes an increase in impurities.

The type of model and operating conditions are among the most important factors that control the time of adding and changing oil. In general, air compressor users are urged to check and change the oil every 90 days, and the user should always check the level of fluids under frequency use.

4- Correct lubrication of the piston compressor

The friction caused by the failure of the piston compressor lubrication periodically causes the parts to malfunction.

Generally, the compressor lubrication includes a piston structure, this includes the main bearings, the cross member, and the connecting rod for the motor. Also contains valves, cylinders, cladding, collar straps and compression rings.

The best type of Air compressor oil and the suitable oil viscosity for use in lubrication are based on factors such as the type of gas that is compressed and the required vacuum pressure.

Regarding crankcase oils, the recommended ISO viscosity index is 68, 100, 150, or 200, which can vary depending on the ambient temperature. Under operating conditions where discharge temperatures reach between 302 ° F and 392 ° F, synthetic oil of equivalent viscosity should be used.

By following the set of those practices above , it will ensure a nice long life for the air compressors . It will go faster and become more productive . A well maintained air compressor is an essential machine for any job site or workshop, so we must keep it running smoothly.

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