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3 Key Factors You Need to Know about Hydraulic Valve

A hydraulic valve is a mechanical device that is used to regulate the flow of fluid within a hydraulic system. Hydraulic power systems are very popular for the hydraulic valve in machines of different sizes and types that play an essential role in achieving the desired goal, such as controlling hydraulic presses for winches, determining the direction of its movement, and change the direction of hydraulics for machines strength and stability.

Selecting the right hydraulic valve for your hydraulic system is not an easy task. We want to be able to install the valve and then only think about it when it’s time for maintenance. It is not that easy at all! Understanding the factors you need to know when selecting the valve is the best way to make sure you won’t have problems once it’s installed. The following are the 3 key factors you need to know for selecting the right hydraulic valve for your hydraulic system.

1 – Types of hydraulic valves

There are three types of valves that vary depending on your requirements, which are:

Pressure control valves

They are automatic valves that control leaks and pipelines flow, reduce and regulate pressure in the hydraulic system inside the pipes. A sudden change in pressure causes it to rise. Pressure control valves are used to regulate the pressure of the fluid passing through the tubes. Also, release the overpressure and maintain the internal pressure as it is manually inserted by the operator.

Directional control valves:

This valve plays an important role in controlling the flow of fluid passing through pipes in hydraulic systems and controlling flow and pressure, These valves can temporarily stop fluid movement and restart. It also changes the direction of fluid flow. Examples of directional control valves are non-return, pressure release, pressure reduction, and butterfly.

Flow control valves:

These hydraulic valves are used to control the regulation of the flow and set it in the hydraulic system, which improves the performance. They are used in many systems, especially in hydraulic circuits, to adjust the operator’s speed. This valve monitors and regulates pressure changes and prevents the flow of nonessential system components.Throttle valve, two-way and three-way flow valve are good examples of Flow control valves.

2 – How to choose the most appropriate hydraulic valve

There are many requirements that must be observed before choosing a hydraulic valve and take into account many factors when choosing a valve, and these factors are:

Working conditions: It includes customer and market requirements, determination of valve working conditions, valve control mode, working pressure, working temperature, and valve operating method.

Characteristics of the operating media: From loading force, volume, direction, continuous working pressure, and what is the highest pressure it can be applied in the short and long term and knowing the peak pressure.

Requirements for hydraulic valve characteristics: flow resistance, drainage capacity, flow characteristics, and degree of the lock.

Positioning accuracy: speed stability requirements.

Future work environment: determining the workplace whether it is outside or inside the buildings, temperature and humidity, and the presence of the surrounding external environmental factors that cause corrosion, impact strength, and vibration.

Risks: potential threats and explosion-proof performance of electrical appliances, setting quality, taking preventive measures to reduce risks, and setting safety standards.

Determine the life expectancy of the hydraulic valve : the number of daily work hours, consequences of the failure to close, the ability to maintain on-site and the cost.

3 -The cleaning of the hydraulic system 

In order to ensure the smoothness of your procedure, there are several operating rules to follow, the first rule is to clean the pump and hydraulic valve every day, which will help to keep the system working well permanently, without interruption or losing time in the future.

A guarantee of hydraulic valve for your hydraulic system is very important and its selection requires a highly experienced work team at all stages, from the most appropriate selection, installation, and maintenance.

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