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Concrete pumps : 3 things to consider for spare parts

The  concrete pump is classified according to how it works. There are two kinds of concrete pumps :
mechanical piston concrete pumps and extruded concrete pumps.
By all agreements, the hydraulic type is the best selling among clients.
This is because the hydraulic pump is widely used in bridge building, civil construction electric power, and other power source facilities… Investing in one is worth it.
Choosing a genuine spare is an investment too. Spare parts play a major role in the maintenance of equipment as without appropriate spares no equipment can be restored to original condition for the correct functioning.
There are 3 must do before you decide to buy spare parts for your equipment, the kind that never lets you down.

1 choose the high quality concrete pumps

When your concrete pumps do not work in peak condition, or you suffer from malfunctions. It is imperative to maintain your machines by choosing high Genuine Spares. It is safer for your team, better for your projects also. It is often more economical to buy parts from the original manufacturer.
Masader multi is Offering you a complete choice of quality products for concrete pump .

2 ask about Availability of concrete pumps 

Since parts need to be in hand to help to speed up the termination of the whole process. We must think first with the concrete spare parts availability.
When looking for suitable spare parts, one of the main factors affecting production continuity is the availability of spare parts for machinery and equipment.
When you look for suppliers or contacting your manufacturers. The goal is to ensure the speedy management of their availability for supply or production operations. With an emphasis on logistics and accompanying maintenance to ensure business continuity.
masader is Offering you a complete choice of quality products for concrete pump .

3 you need after sales service & repairs

You need to ensure receipt of periodic maintenance and repairs, or, as appropriate, completed on your equipment by the manufacturer or supplier, during and after the warranty period. When dealing with a supplier. Find a supplier with field experience and provide swift and effective technical support when needed. Ask him many questions that you need to support your decision to buy from him. Most importantly, the thing that you need when purchasing concrete pump parts is getting support when you need it. you want fast service.
Time is valuable for the continuity of the project!.
Our after sales service gives our customers a long lifetime for their installed systems.


For over 20 years, MASADER has provided THE BEST affordable PRODUCTS and maintenance to #CONCRETE_PUMP across SAUDI ARABIA AND OTHER REGIONS. With a range of QUALITY parts in stock, and the ability to quickly order any others that might be needed, we will get you back in PROCESS fast .

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